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Akhal-Teke Horses: How it all started

Geli stud was founded in 2003. Horses of Stavropol stud and Akhal-Tekinets stud, Dubna, formed the base of the stock. We had three stallions – buckskin Momm, by Melesur and Mumme, golden bay Yalantushkhan, by Orlan and Yangylai, and golden chestnut Ariman, by Mamuk and Aysona; as well as mares – Dargi (Gundogar line), Pani (Gelishikli line), Pamella and Melemaral (Posman line). Pani the mare, Champion of Russia and World Reserve Champion, was bought in-foal, and later foaled an excellent black colt – Posman Kara, sired by Karar. Currently Posman Kara is one of the principal sires at Geli Stud.

In the end of 2003, we received a delivery of horses bought in Turkmenistan – two-year old bay colt Gala, by Bytaraplyk and Kim, of  Kaplan line, and three mares – bay Maigul (Fakirpelvan line), palomino Pendjigush (Kir Sakar line), and black Dursun (Kaplan line).

2004 began with the arrival of one more stallion purchased in Turkmenistan, a splendid grey Akbelek who had already proved himself a good sire of the Everdy Teleke line.

In early spring of 2004, we also bought four more horses at Stanitsa studfarm (which was being discontinued at the time) – black stallion Tokhtamysh, mares Shagane and Marta (Fakirpelvan line), and grey race-winning Ogra (Gelishikly line).

Practically a month later, we purchased two stallions in the Moscow area: Sagib (Posman line) and Pergam (Gundogar line), and two mares: Gaily (Posman line) and Pogonya (Kaplan line).

In the spring of 2004, two foals were born: the palomino colt Damir-Geli and the black filly Karagul. Damir-Geli, by Momm and Dargi, was the first to be bred by our farm, while Karagul was produced by golden-buckskin Piyada (a leading stallion of Turkmenistan) and Dursun.

In the spring of 2005, we bought three mares at Yunav Stud (no longer exists): the splendid Tumarly (Turkmenian breed, the rarest line of Dor Bairam), in-foal by Gurtbyl (Turkmenian breed, the Posman line); the mare Enegul  (bay daughter of Piyada, the Peren line); and bay mare Andrea (line Sere, foaled in Dagestan). In the summer of 2005, at Russkaya Legenda Stud we purchased an old black mare Zeinab (Gelishikly line), together with her perlino daughter Zergjarlik (Posman line). The fall brought us black Mamykkara (Posman line), bought at Stavropol stud in 2004 and later race-trained at Pyatigorsk hippodrome.

In the summer of 2006, Geli studfarm acquired grey Opera (Toporbay line) – the dame of exceptional and championing mares, such as Omelia and Omega.

But probably the most important purchase was in the late fall of 2006: that of the winning stallion and the sire of plenty of Champions dark-buckskin Gaigysyz of Posman line. Together with him, we bought bay mare Sergi  (Toporbay line), which foaled our excellent golden-buckskin stallion Sagib, sired by Gaigysyz. However, Sagib deceased early and did not express his full potentials as a sire.

At Geli, the most recent purchase was our buckskin beauty mare Oksana (Gelishikli line), bought at Stanitsa Stud (no longer exists). She came to us in the spring of 2008 and upon arrival foaled the grey filly Djenike-Khanum, sired by grey Akderek (Everdy Teleke line).


Bloodlines for 2011


  • 2 x Kaplan through Kerzi 995 and Garagunon 980
  • 2 x Sovkhoz 2nd through 1079 Melesur
  • 2 x Posman through 1150 Gaigysyz
  • 1 x Everdy Teleke through 942 Alvan
  • 1 x Fakirpelvan through 971 Khalif
  • 1 x Gelishikli through 943 Arslan



  • 10 x Posman through 1150 Gaigysyz
  • 4 x Everdy Teleke through 942 Alvan
  • 4 x Fakirpelvan through 971 Khalif and 910 Opal
  • 2 x Gelishikli through 935 Yulduz and 943 Arslan
  • 2 x Gundogar through 1171 Gigant and 1186 Dzheikhun
  • 2 x Kaplan through 945 Gerden and 995 Kerzi
  • 2 x Peren through 1269 Pyada
  • 1 x Kir Sakar through 983 Goklen
  • 1 x Toporbay through 969 Rokot
  • 1 x Sere through 1029 Anchar
  • 1 x Sovkhoz 2nd through 1079 Melesur


Our horses, such as Yalantushkhan, Tokhtamysh, Gala, Posman Kara, Momm, Aysor-Geli, Pilat-Geli, Dagat-Geli, Ulje-Geli, Takhmina-Geli, Akgez-Geli, Giyom-Geli, Darsai-Geli, Tokhtadoz-Geli were multiple champions and won World Cups, European Cups, Ipposfera, Equiros, Shael Colgen Cup, Equiforum and other prestigious exhibitions.

We are always glad to welcome you at our farm. We love new contacts and are open to partnership! We have bred horses to fit various tastes and they are waiting for you!


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